Leica Viva DGPS Kits

Leica Viva - Available for sale

Second-hand goods for sale - Excellent working condition.

Leica System Viva

Built on years of knowledge and experience, the Leica GS15 receivers deliver the hallmarks of Leica GNSS – reliability and accuracy.

  • SmartCheck – RTK data-processing to guarantee correct results
  • SmartTrack – advanced four constellation tracking of all GNSS satellites today and tomorrow
  • SmartRTK – delivers consistent results in all networks

The Leica GS15 is designed to suit any surveying task, and is built for the most demanding environments.

  • Built-in exchangeable communication devices for field base stations and RTK rovers with removable SIM cards
  • Fully scalable sensor allows you to buy only what you need today and upgrade with additional functionality as you need it
  • Integrated web server to configure the logging of Leica or RINEX raw data and measure with one button press in the field
  • IP67 protection against dust and immersion to 1 m
  • Built for extreme temperatures of -40° C to +65° C

The GS15 has the added benefit of integrated intenna technology to avoid breaking, losing or forgetting the radio/gsm antenna.

GS15 Features

  • Ruggedised appearance
  • Excellent handling
  • IP67
  • Responsive, rubber feel, fully lit keypads
  • CF, SD and SIM card slot
  • Very loud speaker
  • Easy access battery (GEB211)
  • Integrated digital camera
  • High quality colour VGA screen
  • Optional Integrated total station radio with internal antenna and WLAN
  • Bluetooth
  • State of art iMX ARM core processor
  • Docking station

The GS15 can perform as Reference Stations or Rovers. Both keyboards are fully operational with the slight difference being a QWERTY keyboard and a landscape screen.

This new System is built around a totally new approach to the onboard software, which has been developed with “user ease” in mind, while still being able to deliver a power house of options and applications, so can buy what you want now and upgrade with ease later. With Leica Viva you have a comprehensive system. Every vision on every scale becomes a reality with ease. Realise your visions today and discuss your GPS and TPS needs with the CRK representatives who will then tailor a solution to your requirements.